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10 music videos meme - The Insider is an Outsider. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mind, mastur

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10 music videos meme [Oct. 2nd, 2014|10:42 pm]
mind, mastur
tagged by @donutjaucian and @rsenosaur on facebook

10 music videos that stuck with me

1. e-bow the letter, r.e.m.
(view here)
(my favorite r.e.m. videos list)

2. once in a lifetime, talking heads
(view here)

3. wicked game, chris isaak
(view here)

4. street spirit, radiohead
(view here)

5. bad romance, lady gaga
(view here)

6. the boys of summer, don henley
(view here)

7. hanggang ngayon, kyla
(view here)

8. oliver's army, elvis costello and the attractions
(view here)

9. common people, pulp
(view here)

10. closer, nine inch nails
(view here)

6 more i love:
11. jack-ass, beck (here)
12. bad, michael jackson (here)
13. hood, perfume genius (here)
14. the only living boy in new york, everything but the girl (here)
15. sea of love, the national (here)
16. porque te vas, presidente (here)

some notes:
* i prefer the censored version of "closer" vs. the uncut version
* i don't like the long form version of "bad", only the short version
* other videos by r.e.m., radiohead, talking heads, & nine inch nails could have easily made this list